All the feels we go through when makeup shopping

Non-makeup enthusiasts can never understand the emotional turmoil all makeup lovers go through when makeup shopping. You think shopping for clothes is hard, then you get into makeup shopping. I ran through all the feels makeup lovers, go through when shopping for beauty products. -if you know, you know-

  1. That euphoric feeling, when you first step into the store and you are surrounded by so many new lip colour options and eye-shadow palettes you can’t wait to try out.
  2. Your face, when you start checking out the new prices, since the dollar went up.93005-Kanye-happy-sad-gif-Imgur-pcjW
  3. When you realize, your favourite product is back in stock and even though it’s now twice the price it used to be, you buy it anyway.
    giphy (9)
  4. When you get offered free samples of makeup you don’t even usually use, and you are just like…
  5. When the sales girl is trying to get you to buy more than you budgeted for, and the temptation is honestly too real.
  6. And then you finally succumb, even though you already have three very similar shades of the red lipstick she just got you to buy.
  7. When you just got paid, so you enter the store demanding immediate attention from the attendants like.
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  9. When they are calculating your bill, and you are standing there just hoping and praying to God you have enough money to cover it all.tumblr_inline_nzb6a3hkJG1rp5ay0_500
  10. When the total bill, is way more than you thought it will be, and you have to decide which of your babies to drop.Supernatural-Dean
  11. Or when although you’ve spent way over the amount of money budgeted for the shopping trip -and you always do- you can still afford to pay for everything you picked and still afford to feed for the rest of the month.
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