Fingers v brushes: What’s the better applicator for your foundation

Some people swear by makeup brushes or sponges to apply their foundation seamlessly while other people swear by using their fingertips. Some professionals even combine all three, but which is really better?

The argument for fingers is that it gives a more natural and fresh look since your fingertips warm up the foundation, using your fingertips also supposedly helps you use less foundation than usual. It also takes a shorter application time than with brushes. Some people also trust their hands more than brushes, they feel they get better control over the application.

On the other hand, brushes ensure a smooth even finish, and are not as messy as using your fingers. Most professionals swear by brushes and sponges rather than fingers.

Although fingersseems like the better option,most beauty experts advise against this. Your fingers retain a ton of dirt and bacteria you can’t see which you really don’t want to transfer to your face. To answer your question yes, there’s bacteria on the brushes too but the odds are there are way more on your finger. Using brushes perfectly can be difficult for beginners, so if you are just starting out, you should probably go with a sponge. The Beauty Blender sponge is a great option.

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