Fitfam: Serena Williams & Kevin Hart Collaborate In A Partner Workout On The Nike+ Training Club App

Working out is better with friends! Serana Williams and Kevin Hart recently proved again when they paired up for a partner workout on the Nike+ Training Club app.

The promo videos are hilarious to watch as well as insightful. The workout itself consists of short but intense routines. The real treat however is watching Serena and Kevin together- Serena as expected looks unfazed while Kevin gives all sorts of excuses as to why he can’t get into certain position. “I retain a lot of water weight in my hamstrings,” explains Kevin. “When I drink water, I digest it, but it goes to my hammies, and that’s why I can’t touch my toes. . . . Trust me, I want to, but I have water hamstring-itis!”

Overall, their collaboration teaches that having a workout partner, helps motivate you when you feel like you can’t go further. So? grab a workout buddy get to sweating and help each other achieve your fitness goals!






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