For The Gents: Korede’s Guide To 7 Pairs Of Shoes Every Fashionable Man Should Own

Its common knowledge that a bad pair of shoes can ruin even the best outfit. So to avoid looking like an old-school lesson teacher, you need to stock your wardrobe up with some of these.

  1. Oxfords


If you’re dressing up for a formal event, these are the shoes for you. These mature shoes will add the needed touch of class to any suit.

  1. Brogues


These days, most people have recognised the importance of owning a pair of brogues simply because of their aesthetic appeal. Brogues are also pretty versatile- they look great with a suit, and they also look pretty nice with a pair of jeans. In case you didn’t notice, brogues are basically oxfords with those designs we’ve all come to love.

  1. Monkstraps


If you’re still going for the formal look but don’t want to go through the hassle of tying shoelaces, then look no further! Monkstrap shoes are for you. They are less common than oxfords, but are just as classy.

  1. Desert boots


These babies are becoming very popular among the fashion-forward guys. If you’re thinking smart casual, think desert boots. Just slap on those jeans and your boots, and you’re ready to paint the town red (or black, or blue, or whatever… you catch my drift).

  1. Loafers


I like to think that even the most clueless guy owns a pair of loafers. These are the most versatile shoes EVER! Perfect with suits, jeans, shorts, and even traditional attire. They give off that “refined-but-not-afraid-to-have-fun” vibe.



  1. Sneakers/ Trainers


These are the best casual shoes if you ask me. Very comfortable, and very good to look at too. Though I’m not a fan, some supposedly fashion-forward men wear them with suits (HAVE YOU NO BOUNDARIES?!)

  1. Sandals


And on those days your feet need to breathe (or your shoes are just stinky), sandals are the way to go.


Everything beautiful.

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