For The Gents: Korede’s Guide To Colour Combo 101- Easy Tips for Pairing your Colours

It breaks my heart whenever I see young men messing up their looks with mismatched colours. Colour-blocking was never a good idea, but females can be forgiven because, THEY’RE WOMEN. It still never stopped me from thinking they looked like clowns. So, if you don’t wanna be considered a clown, or you just need to refine your clothing colour palette, here are a few tips for matching your colours.

  1. You can never go wrong with dark pants


It is common knowledge that navy blue/black pants can go comfortably with any coloured shirt. But when it comes to grey pants, things might get a bit tricky. To look good in your grey pants, avoid any unnecessary risk and stick to blue, black or white shirts. Shirts that combine any of these three colours will also go well with grey pants.


  1. Tread carefully when wearing lighter coloured pants


Most guys own at least a pair of light brown/cream/beige pants. Dark coloured shirts will always be a good match with these pants. And if you’re feeling like a ball of sunshine, lighter shirts (such as a dull pink) can be worn. Try to avoid yellow and lemon-green shirts.


  1. Be EXTRA careful with weird pants


If, for some reason, you decide to wear a “different” colour of pants (such as army green or purple), do not (I repeat, DO NOT) try to experiment! Stick to the basics. Wear a white, black or navy blue shirt.

Since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll also throw in a couple of tips for pairing your ties and shirts. Thank me later


  1. Forget about complementary colours


They say purple & yellow, blue & orange, and red & green complement each other. So that means you can wear them together, right?… WRONG! Don’t make the mistake of wearing any of these colours together. Although I admit that the combination of orange and blue can work because blue is the perfect colour, I’ll still advise you not to pair them, simply because orange is a horrendous colour.


  1. If you read my last post, you’d have seen the part where I said young men should only wear blue, white, black and sometimes, pink dress shirts. If you have any other colour of dress shirt and you wanna wear it with a tie, here’s what you do: either take the shirt off and put it back in your wardrobe, or just forget about wearing it with a tie.

Everything beautiful.

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