Four attires, two lovers: Our best 20 moments from Dutchess & Markson’s prewedding shoot in Benin


Light, Camera, Action!

Catch the flashes of the brilliant photo sessions of the lovebirds Dutchess and Markson by the ever impressive touch of the 1st Xpressions Crew below:

1stXpressionvisuals_-23(1) 1stXpressionvisuals_-2(2) 1stXpressionvisuals_-4 1stXpressionvisuals_-5(2) 1stXpressionvisuals_-6 1stXpressionvisuals_-10(1) 1stXpressionvisuals_-21(2) 1stXpressionvisuals_-20 1stXpressionvisuals_-19 1stXpressionvisuals_-17 1stXpressionvisuals_-14 1stXpressionvisuals_-12 1stXpressionvisuals_-21(1) 1stXpressionvisuals_-25 1stXpressionvisuals_-28 1stXpressionvisuals_-32(1) 1stXpressionvisuals_-33 1stXpressionvisuals_-36 1stXpressionvisuals_-34(1)

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