Four Tips on Affordable Home Styling

The cost of furniture can be really high. Added to the high costs of building or buying a home, you will need to dig deeper into your pockets for the best home styling accessories. There are many places you can get affordable furniture and accessories for your home. You will realize that home styling doesn’t have to be as expensive if you utilize the following avenues.

Garage and yard sales

Weekends are the best time to explore and get the best furniture. Yard sales and garage sales often have great-quality antiques and furniture within your budget. This is the best place to start, especially when you do not have a big budget. In some cases, you will have to polish the furniture but since the value of the furniture is higher, this will not pinch your budget.

Some of the items that can be bought from yard sales include rugs, vases, couches, dining tables and bar stools. You will always find many more home furniture at great bargains especially when someone moves out to a different country and they do not wish to store the furniture they own. Previously owned furniture is the best and a cheap furniture source.

Online shops

There are many online shops with great bargains on furniture. You will find dining ware like tables, bar stools, dining sets and chairs. You will also find the widest variety of outdoor furniture, bedding, office furniture, living room furniture and bedroom furniture.

Cheap furniture is available online because of lower operational costs. The furniture is also from many brands and to beat competition, high-quality designs of furniture will be found. You should also note that shopping towards the end of accounting years offers better bargains because of clearance sale offers.

With the wide variety of home furniture and accessories online, you will always find items to suit your home design; contemporary, eclectic, traditional or even rustic. You will also get used furniture online and it is affordable.

DIY styling

You can still use the old furniture in your home to style your home. Changing fabrics and adding color to furniture is one ‘do-it-yourself’ home styling processes. Color blocking your curtains, the existing ones, and changing positions of furniture is a great home styling technique.

You can polish your furniture in a different color, repaint walls and have different covers on seats. Using existing fabrics at home, you will save a lot of money but still achieve great home styling.

Local designers

There are many home designers and furniture handiworks around your home. With old resources, you can get a carpenter to build your furniture. Buying readymade furniture is more costly and it is always a cheaper option to get the materials and give them to the carpenter alongside the designs you need. This also ensures that you do not get the wrong color or designs.

In conclusion, home styling should not be a stressing thing to do. There are many alternatives and places you can get cheap furniture and accessories. Secondhand furniture and rugs are invaluable, of great quality and reasonably priced.




Amir Kumar wrote this exclusively for The September Standard. He is an interior stylist for homes and offices. He has a decades’ experience on interior décor and minimalist styling with cheap furniture and accessories. Follow him on LinkedIn for more interior styling tips and trendy décor.


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  1. I like garage and yard sales. Some people throw away really precious things. It is a good idea to save money and to buy something really exclusive and nice.

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