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If you are the emotional type, then you should get some tissue by your side because this couple’s love sory might just leave you with some tears of happiness.

Adejumoke and Oluwagbenga met about a year ago, but it didn’t take long for them to know they were meant for each other.

Read their amazing story.

I met Gbenga in April 2015. I was single and was so not ready to mingle. In February, my friend Motola (whom I had not soken to in almost one year) called me to inform me she was getting married. We talked over it and the plans and as she was about to drop the phone, she asked if I was dating.

My response was “my dear, ko si anybody anywhere” and so she promised to fix me up. She then sent me a dude’s picture and sent him mine as well and the guy just never called me.

A few weeks after, she called again and said there was this guy she wanted me to met. I was very reluctant and asked her not to give anyone my number, but that wasn’t her business as she still sent my number to this new guy who eventually called me a few days later. I had just gotten back from work when a call came through. My reaction was very nasty, like, and so, what do you want?

He calmly repeated himself again and we started talking. We had a slow start but gradually picked up and it’s been the most amazing time of my love life.


On the 22nd of August, we were going for my colleague’s wedding when he suddenly pulled over. I was taking selfies and asked him if there was an issue with the car.

He said “no i just want to adjust the side mirror”. After about two minutes, i noticed we weren’t moving so I looked up to ask what was wrong and staring at me was a very beautiful ring.

Then he called out my name in full and said “Adejumoke, please be my Mrs. W”. I was so surprised. I started laughing and crying at the same time. But the exciting part if it was I got to say YES to the man of my dreams.

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