Get in here ladies: Here’s what your wedding ring says about you

wedding ring

Just like your engagement ring, your wedding ring is a beautiful reflection of who you are: your personality, style, and relationship. So what does yours say about you then? Well, let’s find out!

A Perfect Match (to Your Engagement Ring)
You may not be a huge risk taker, but you do know what you want and you typically get it. You admire symmetry and like things to look “just right”. Some may even call you a perfectionist or Type A. You value family, and your house is pretty much impeccable. Your nails are always well manicured, your hair done and very rarely will anyone see you out and about in sweatpants and a T-shirt. You’re the type of friend every bride wishes was her maid of honor because you’re a natural born planner.

A Plain Band
Simplicity is your middle name. When it comes to your closet, you’ve got all the basics covered and understand the importance of investing in timeless items like a nice black leather tote bag or a plain white t-shirt. You’re the opposite of flashy. While you don’t love being the center of attention, you do like to goof off with your close friends and prefer to hang out in small groups. To you, intimate conversations are so much better than small talk.

An Eternity Band
Bring on the bling, baby. Be it big or small, the bride with the eternity band is definitely a girly-girl at heart. You’d much rather watch Project Runway than Sunday Football, and you’re always down for a good brunch at one of your favorite spots with good friends, of course. People naturally flock to you…perhaps it’s all that confidence?

Stackable Rings
Oh hello, Miss Fashionista! You’re the kind of bride that both follows trends and sets them. You have a great eye for style and it shows not only in your clothes, but your house as well. You’re creative, cool and think outside of the box. “Where’d you get that from?” is a question you hear a lot. Fortunately, you don’t mind.

A Braided Band
You’re a little bit traditional, a little bit hipster, with a soft spot for all things vintage. Hitting up flea markets and thrift stores on the weekend is a huge hobby of yours, and there’s nothing you like better than finding a diamond in the rough. You want your wedding band to be unique — just like you are.

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