Laser, turmeric and other ways of getting rid of female facial hair

Facial hair is something we females hate to admit to (except you are that weird Queen something woman). But it is a normal fact of life and 90% of us have obvious facial hair. If you don’t believe me pick up a mirror. It is worse for the light skinned people because our hairs come out dark. So what’s the safest way to get rid of these facial hairs so as to avoid dragging beard gang crown with bae?

You could use the usual methods we use for our pits and legs, but our faces are way more sensitive than any other part of our body and you don’t want to end up with a bigger problem than having a moustache. So cross out shaving as the last place you want shaving bumps and ingrown hairs is on your face.

Don't do it
Don’t do it

Another option is hair removal creams like Veet. This method isn’t such a bad idea but if you have extra sensitive skin it could leave your face red and blotchy. There are however special hair removal creams for your face, like Nair hair cream which is great but I can’t find anywhere in Lagos  and ordering stuff just became harder than getting visas. If you know any place that has Nair in stock in Lagos or Nigeria sef, please help out in the comments section. If you can, you could also order it here.

Another method which I am currently trying out and will be sure to post the results is turmeric. Apparently turmeric gets rid of the facial hair permanently, and you can get it in the local markets. I’m not sure of the specific markets but I’ll update this post when I find out. I got my stash from a friend who knows a friends who’s mum got it from… (well you get the gist.)

It looks like this, please don't buy curry by mistake
It looks like this, please don’t buy curry by mistake

Anyway if my tumeric experiment fails me I am seriously considering laser treatment but I have seen so many horror stories and I keep chickening out. But laser is really the best answer as it is fast and permanent (won’t be a bad idea to use it on my legs and lady parts come to think of it) . These hospitals in Lagos offer this service:

  • Laserdem Clinic, 33 Akin Osiyemi Street, Ikeja.
  • Grandville Medical and Laser, Surulere

This is however not an endorsement as I have no idea if they are good or not. If you however choose to take one for the team and try any out be sure to let is know.

Are you battling facial hair? Or have you conquered it? If yes let us know how you went about it.


  1. Contact 08166243282 for Turmeric, Camwood and Kaolin Clay at N300 each, all handmade and fresh ingredients, no chemicals, additives or colouring.

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