Ghanaian accessories label Alikoto ‘s new collection of bowties are rad

Ghanaian design label Alikoto Clothing’s new range of accessories for it’s The Funkified Collection shows a different light to the label which has put out intriguing clothing and accessory collections year after year, working with it’s cardinal principles of intertwining traditional concepts with modern designs.

The new collection seeks to celebrate the individuality of this generation of millenials, their unrelenting need to find new ways to approach old problems, to expand the possibilities available.  The collection features easy to wear bowties created in a variety of vibrant colours and prints, with ironic legends printed on the folds.

The bowtie collection consists of the Fra bowtie; one that encourages you to keep trying until you get the perfect mixture for success, the Defiance bowtie; one that refuses to be boxed into one trait, the Kaafebuulu bowtie; inspired by all the young entrepreneurs in Accra and beyond, working hard and smart to achieve greatness.

The label uses Nwentoma as its cardinal print motif, referencing Ghana’s long history of appreciating colour composition and print motifs as an indicator of skill. Inviting emerging Millennials like poet and spoken word artist Poetra Asantewa helps drive home Alikoto’s message. Their new line of bowties are directed at you.

ALikoto 9 ALikoto 10 alikoto 11 ALikoto 14 Alikoto 12 ALikoto 15 ALikoto 16 ALikoto 17

Alikoto Alikoto 2 Alikoto 3 alikoto 4 Alikoto ALikoto 6 Alikoto 7

To find out more about the new range, reach out to them at [email protected]


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