The 5 perfect items to gift your partner’s side chick

Finding out your partner is cheating on you can be hard, whether you are the type to end up in a pool of your own tears on the couch or the type to pretend like you didn’t really care about him in the first place.

You tend to come up with a thousand and one rather creative ways you wished you could die but being the lady that you are, you know there is nothing better than leaving a relationship with as much style and grace as you can muster. And what better way is there to do this than getting your partner’s  (ex if you are smart) side chick a little present. Here are a couple of things you can get.

  1. This t-shirt, because well you did and she needs to be constantly reminded about that. Even though you’ve moved on and she’s now featuring in all of his snap videos, she’ll never forget you were there first.
  2. This book on living with HIV, because it’s only a matter of time before she’ll need it. Plus it won’t hurt if her (new) partner happens to stumble on it with her stuff.
  3. A half-eaten tub of ice cream, because everyone loves ice cream and since she likes leftovers so damn much, she can have some more of yours.
  4. Send her a link to The Oher Style. You have seen her pictures and you just know she’s in desperate need of some good style and beauty tips.
  5. Brand new wine glasses, because she’s going to be doing a lot of drinking soon. A leopard doesn’t change its spots honey.
remember to get extra large ones
remember to get extra large ones
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