Nipple cream… and 4 other perfect gift items for your friend who just had a baby

Buying the perfect gift for a new mother can be tricky. You don’t want to get the usual cliches like baby bottles and clothes at the same time you want to get something appropriate for a new mother.

The truth is that as much as she loves her new baby, she gets sick and tired of getting gifts solely meant for her baby. If you have a friend who just had a baby, and you don’t know what to get her, you could try giving her one of these.

  1. Baby-sitting coupons.
    Being a mummy is a full time job, but even mums need a break too. Give her a couple of DIY baby sitting coupons she can redeem from you, anytime she is in desperate need of a break.
  2. New clothes.
    Right after having a baby, she’ll need new clothes that aren’t maternity clothes. Clothes she had before the baby would probably not fit either.
  3. Nipple cream.
    Yes this actually exists, and she’ll need it for well pretty obvious reasons I think.
  4. A spa day.
    After surviving the battle ground -labour room-, she’ll be needing several spa days in fact.
  5. House cleaning coupons.
    Raising a child is very hard and keeping up with running the house at the same. House cleaning coupons would be a perfect gift for any mother, not even just the new ones.
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