‘Gingham is not just another “tablecloth”‘| 5 ways to style the season’s biggest trend

Don’t even lie! These are the first set of items that come to mind when you hear or see gingham…

Boarding school housewear, table napkin, apron, table cloth and the likes

Years ago, many of us frankly did not know the fabric had such a cool name: gingham (pronounced “ginham”). We just called it “check” and whatever inspired that is still a mystery.

This is 2017 and gingham is fast becoming a trend among stylish women. Gingham dresses, gingham shoes, gingham coats, gingham purses and gingham everything else that there is.

Victoria Beckham had a lot of gingham pieces on her spring catwalk last year so that should tell you it’s gone beyond a domestic piece of clothing to a wardrobe essential. And since, stores have become overrun with the gingham vibe, it might be worth it to spend some money on a number of gingham pieces.

If you’re wondering how to get on the gingham train and don’t know where to start, here are some pieces that should inspire you:

Style blogger, Monica Awe-Etuk pairs her gingham shirt dress with a woven purse and two-toned sandals!
Titilola Sogunro’s Gingham jumpsuit is a win, win, win. She pairs it with monotone accessories: purple shoes, lipstick and earring and we are totally in love with the look.
Gingham dress with larger boxes, perfect for a day out on the beach. Stella Uzo pairs hers with strappy gladiator sandals and a hat!.
US based fashion blogger, Nifemi wears her gingham print blouse so well on minimal blue jeans and a simple pair of sandals. The embroidered embellishment on the blouse is what gets us the most.
The dramatic twist to this look is intriguing! Ranti Onayemi-Blanchard wears a gingham/stripe jumpsuit and they live happily together.


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