My girl loves Jesus, is brimming Hot and can cook Jollof rice – Read Jeremy’s love & proposal story (photos)

We bet this love story will put a smile on your face, enjoy!

Bride’s narration:

I met Jeremy at Benue State University. We were introduced once and funnily I liked him instantly but I noticed he would never say hello after that. So I wore back my armor of forming and saw through him every time we saw. Then after some weeks (when the likeness had “gone-with-the-wind”, or so I thought) he walked up to me at Dunamis church and said hello, chatted me up and then walked me to the gate.


We didn’t exchange contacts but I was fine with that. Some days later, someone passed a short note to me in class while I was reading for my last paper it sounded ridiculously sarcastic and in the end part it read “I will call you” I was wondering who the “secret admirer ” was. Same evening, I got a call from this extremely soft spoken person, I couldn’t figure out who he was, he was asking me to guess and people who know me well know am not a fan of guesses. But for some reason I was laughing with this soft spoken stranger and was trying to guess finally (imagine me fa?) well, I couldn’t so he helped out and we continued gisting. The calls didn’t stop. We decided to meet, it was a day before the end of the semester, we gisted and parted ways. I found him interesting and looked forward to his calls but I had to slow down because I had never dated before then and I didn’t want to hear that I woke up one day and I was stuck with an annoying man. So I didn’t get my hopes up and in my head I kept on saying “give it one month, maximum two months and you won’t be feeling this way anymore” and that test never failed me.


Well, I gave this particular guy seven months or more because I was waiting for the feelings to change.

I felt I was too young (I was 19 at the time). I knew I wasn’t looking forward to marriage in the next three years, I didn’t like the concept of long courtship and am not the type to date just for the fun of it. I felt since I didn’t do it in high school, I was too old for that at 19. But Funnily he was there and never left. He was so open about his feelings and about everything. That trait won me over.

So I did what I didn’t expect to be doing at that age, I prayed about him. Felt this unusual calm, peace, funnily I still feel it. We officially started dating. I enjoyed every bit of it. Then he got serious when he was done serving in 2011 and I told my parents about it and my dad was like “what do you know about marriage, you are too young” their sole complaint was bordered on the fact he is Idoma and they held on to it with all their might. So yes, we broke up in 2012.


There was a comeback but it didn’t last for more than three months. Fast forward to 2013 he staged a heavy comeback but then I was in a serious relationship and I needed to stay focused so I cut off all ties. By the end of 2014, I was back to being single and I decided to give everything a break and start afresh.

Jeremy came back this time with all the forces in heaven and earth. Of course I still liked him but I didn’t want to open up and get my hopes high again. I met my parents again and begged them to at the least pray about it and not write us off like that.

I didn’t want to start dating again and then maybe breakup. I really needed their consent because family will always be family and I knew their reasons were not a deliberate attempt to keep us apart. They asked for time. Thankfully, they gave the go ahead and here we are getting married.

Jeremy is a sweetheart and my personal soothing balm, no matter how bad my day goes, once I see Jeremy I am fine and he has had that effect for years now. Life is not so serious with this dude and he has taught me to be more expressive. I used to be extra extra conservative and would rather die than show you any emotion. But he has helped me to grow and I have learnt a lot from him. He plays many roles in life, sometimes he is my teammate, other times my best friend, some days my brother or just a friend. He is really kind, multi-talented, very generous, courteous (he never leaves anyone the way he met them) and he fears God.

He has taught me how to really love and not hold back, now I know one can never get to the end of love. Every day I fall in love with this man all over. He just gets me, he knows the right thing to do at every given time and I always bask in the confidence of his love for me. I am so grateful God blessed me with the gift of you, a gift I honestly don’t deserve. Well, I can’t say it’s going to be a jolly good ride but so long as am with Jeremy, I will be fine.






I was taking a walk from Dunamis church when I was in Benue state university one day after service when I saw the most beautiful and shapely girl (hehehe) I had ever seen (well-done for those of you that used to see character first), I mean I saw her and actually forgot whether I was going to church or coming from church, and I asked my friend who I was with if he knew who that was and he said yes, and I said I “she is beautiful, she is shapey and she is attending midweek service, my “broda” I must meet and know her”:
Well he told me good-luck, that half of the boys in BSU had tried and she wouldn’t even give them a listening ear, that I shouldn’t waste my time, well I went ahead to track down her schedules and itinerary unto the FBI (Full blooded Idoma)man I am, the first day I organized to run into her when she was leaving class after she had finished reading, we met at the door, and I actually forgot how to say hello…I stuttered my way through a local greeting I cant even remember and don’t plan to, trust me I don’t have single shy bone in my body, neither have I ever had a problem talking or been charming to girls, but this time I had become the guys I always laughed at.

I walked away, my head covered in shame and excitement at the same time, who was this ‘babe’ that broke down all my Aba charms and rendered me speechless and tactless..oya i fueled up, because this was one lady I couldn’t stop thinking about, so I started to come to class every night to read( for the first time in my academic life)…funny enough every time I ran into her some annoying BSU girl with huggingitis spirit will come and would be doing huggy huggy, and Ufedo always had ‘hmmm, this young boy has no home training’…so I manned up and sent her a note through a friend saying ‘ you make me dumb by your beauty and grace, so I have to write as-per my inability to talk to you, I am a secret-admirer, and I will call you soon’.

And I did, she sounded flustered and angry that i refused to tell her who was calling, but she seemed to be enjoying my gist, and it was a good sign she kept laughing at whatever jokes I could muster up, and then we met, we hung out a couple of times and she just kept coming out of curiosity because she said i kept shocking her, because with the toasting i was still forming vex,( i once stood up in an eatery and walked over to her chair, and lifted the chair with her still in it and turned her away from the TV, because she was paying more attention to the TV than my gist, imagine her shock, the new guy toasting her dared to do this, still she remained curious, I was at this for close to 7- 8 months and she finally said yes, she was young, she was lovely, she was an angel in the midst of so many mortals…she was mine.
Fast forward years later I am graduated and still always in Makurdi been truant at work in Abuja, she was my best friend, my trouble partner, and the only girl in the world who had the password to my mu-mu button…we could gist all day and be all up in everybody’s business, we broke up due to some external circumstances when i planned to get married to her, she came back, I came back, everything worked against us been together, we came back and there where new reasons not to stay together from everything but me and her, I traveled away, she was away, but we always somehow kept coming back to ourselves, I tried to dash other girls my mumu button but Ufedo kept it with her. no one could fill the gap she left.

So she got engaged and that is when I told her, I would wait till she got married and then I would get a girl who really loved me and marry her and love her child. Funny enough I meant it, because she is irreplaceable.
Well now we are getting married, fairy tales are real, the only girl in the world that makes me stop, and makes a fight worth having, she makes me want to be a better person, and I still am amazed that when she walks in the room, like every other man there I still always stare in shock and loose my breath over how beautiful she is, luckily for me I got it all, she is beautiful on the outside and on the inside, sticks with me through thick and thin, she is a challenge to my spiritual life and has made me a better person, she is really matured and amazing, for those of you who are shocked am not as hard and cold as you thought…shame on you..hehehe, I have a heart WORSE OFF.

I discovered after all that the toasting suffering that the annoying girl “kuma” had a crush on me first and used to come to my concerts and church just to see me sing and ogle the fine boy, so my question people is what was all that forming and suffering of 8 months about, my brothers women are wicked! hehehe…so my girl loves Jesus, is brimming Hot and can cook Jollof rice. What else can I ask for?

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.

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