4 Great Tips on How To Look Gorgeous in The Right Shoes

Every woman enjoys having a pair of gorgeous shoes! The right pair of shoes has the ability to transform a drab, plain outfit into a classy, modern look. On the flip side, the wrong type of shoes can totally destroy the class and style of a good outfit. It is therefore very important to have some guidelines on which shoes to wear, when and how.

As women, we are privileged to have an absolutely great variety of fashion shoes to choose from when making a choice of which shoes to wear. There are some simple tips to keep in mind when making a choice:

  1. Consider the color of your outfit

If your outfit is formal and bold in color (i.e. black, navy blue, or grey), then leather formal shoes with a low heel is the best choice. This will give a polished corporate look which is necessary for the work-place. However, try not to wear one color for the outfit and the shoes. The color of the shoes should be different from that of your outfit, but should also serve to compliment it.

  1. When to wear high-heels

High-heeled shoes are the darling of most women, but there is a way to wear them where they add to your beauty and give you a classy polished look. Stiletto heels look great with slim straight leg trousers and straight skirts, which is perfect for formal wear. There are also beautiful strappy heels for casual or evening wear. A word of caution though, if you have short legs, it’s not advisable to wear high heels with ankle straps because this will make your legs look shorter, choose lower heels instead. Square- toed heels are better for those with large feet, they are more comfortable and fit better than those with the pointed front. It’s great to know that there is a type of heeled shoes suited just for you, whether you have slender legs, short legs or large feet.  Go ahead and enjoy wearing your choice of heeled shoes!

  1. When to wear flat shoes

Flats are great for a youthful, casual look. They are best suited for out-door occasions, and look fresh and exciting when worn with a bright colored sun-dress or a pair of jeans. It would be nice to avoid wearing flats to formal settings such as the office, but if it’s your choice to do so, then it would be wise to wear them with a knee-length skirt. This will still give a nice trendy look.

  1. When to wear boots

The right type of trendy boots can be a glamorous addition to your outfit, especially in winter. Skinny-heeled ankle boots look great with straight trousers and jeans. Knee-high boots are best with skirts and dresses. Who said you need to look plain and drab during the cold season? Enjoy wearing a hot pair of boots to spice up your winter!

You have a chance to look fantastic every day regardless of whether you’re in a casual or formal setting. Your choice of shoes will give you the beautiful look you want to have wherever you go.


Henry Walker wrote this exclusively for The September Standard. He is an expert in the world of fashion trends. He is a consultant in the area of fashion shoes and has many years of experience in this area.  He has written a number of articles on fashion. To learn more about the trendy fashion and designs, visit his blog.


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