Guys, when a lady asks “how do I look?” these are the 4 things you must never say

For some reason since time began, men have been unable to answer this rather simple question – “how do I look?”, and for every single time you guys get asked this question you seem to fuck it up more than the last time you got asked.

We can’t run through a list of the perfect answers to this question because they are about a thousand and one to be honest. Instead we’ve put together a list of replies you should never -ever- use.

  1. You look fine
    Really? Just fine? Really? After spending hours on face beat, and thousands on the makeup, shoes and dress not to talk about the weave or how much money we’ve put into buying hair products to make sure our manes always look perfect, the best answer you can come up with is fine?
    image (1)
  2. Oh I love the colour
    The fact that you are talking about the colour probably means you hate the dress, or you hate how it looks on me, since that’s the only thing you had to say about how I looked.
  3. Oh isn’t this the dress we saw on…
    Even if a beautiful compliment follows this statement, the damage is done. First of all, why do you remember what another girl was wearing weeks ago? Secondly why on earth is that the first thing you said? Are you trying to say she wore it better?
    200_s (2)
  4. You look…”I guess”
    What are you guessing? So you are saying you are not sure? Why don’t you just come out and say what you really mean. You hate how I look, in fact you hate me.
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