Have you tried getting bangs with your box braids?

For most braid lovers, box braids are probably your staple hairstyle eighty percent of the time. But it gets boring especially when it starts to look like that’s the only hairstyle you ever do since getting a weave putting never lasts more than a week. So if you are looking to spruce up your regular box braids look a bit, why not try them with bangs.

To answer your questions- first of all, yes the braids will be used to form the bangs, and no it’s not as crazy as it sounds after-all we didn’t think ‘patewo and base’ was crazy (I’m reaching I know) . It’s also not as ratchet as you might think it will turn out, at least definitely not on FKA Twigs (captain of the cool kids team).

We hop on new beauty and fashion trends every day, and end up rocking trends we would have rather died than be seen in a couple of years back. This is isn’t a trend yet, and we can’t even in total honest claim to really love it, but one thing’s for sure it’s very different and we sought of see it catching on.

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