What is this we hear about coconut oil being harmful to health?

Up until this recent report released by the American Heart Association, we had so much faith in coconut oil. It is that saviour liquid you can literally use for everything – cook, grow your hair, lighten your skin, whiten your teeth, cure your skin problems and many other life saving/changing purposes. Best believe, some of us pride on swimming in a river of coconut oil.

So it is shocking to read the American Heart Association’s report on fats and cardiovascular health that says 82 percent of the fat contained in coconut oil in saturated and can increase LDL cholesterol, the type that causes heart disease.

The lead author of the report said he wonders why people think coconut oil is healthy but the question we ask is why wonder when the internet is awash with all the hundreds and counting benefits of coconut oil. 

Well, this is why.

So will we be taking this health report seriously? Will we stop cooking with coconut oil?


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