Nail polish that never chirps and 9 other inventions women would be grateful for

The world is changing fast, and it seems like a new invention that could make our lives easier and more comfortable pops up everyday. Amongst all these ground breaking inventions, we are just here wondering why no one has gotten to these inventions that will definitely make life easier for us women.

  1. High heeled shoes, we can walk in all day. Not just any type of high heeled shoes, but shoes that are actually sexy, and make our legs look endless.
  2. Nail polish, that never ever chirps. No matter what we put it through, weeks of doing laundry steadily, or how many times we have to do the dishes when we spend time with our folks or even a bad breakup.
  3. A pill that stops us from getting our periods, until we are ready to have kids with absolutely no side effects.
  4. If they can’t come up with a period pill, at least a pill that prevents us from ever ever getting cramps.
  5. Hair products that actually help prevent shrinkage, no matter how hot the weather gets.
  6. Eyelash extensions that don’t come off until we are ready.
  7. A permanent solution for dandruff, because some of us are tired of making it snow every single time we run a comb through our hair.
  8. Bras that never do this.
  9. Pantyhose that never get a run in them.
  10. Eye makeup that doesn’t come off when we rub at our eyes.
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