The 3 major keys to buying hair conditioner

When buying hair conditioner, paying attention to what is best suited for your hair type instead of just buying the most popular or expensive, is very key to your hair growth journey. You might be dolling out a ton of cash on a particular conditioner that is supposed to work wonders on your hair but it’s still not giving you the desired result.

You should probably consider these tips before buying your next conditioner.

  1. If your hair has very tight curls, the odds are that the oil being produced by your scalp most likely doesn’t reach the ends of your hair which leaves it dry most of the time. For your type of hair, you need an extra heavy leave-in conditioner.
  2. On the other hand if your hair is relaxed, then the strands are straight which allows oil being produced by your scalp to easily reach the ends of your hair keeping it naturally moisturised. This doesn’t mean you have to do without hair conditioner, but instead of buying a heavy one, you should buy a lighter formula, preferably something that can easily be spritzed on.
  3. If you have naturally dry hair, conditioners which are rich in natural oils like olive almond and jojoba oils are your best bet. Shea butter would also work wonders on your hair. For everyday use, mix a bit of your choice of natural oils into a bottle with water and spritz on in the morning.
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