Here are the only colours you should wear this season

It seems like we’ve finally gotten a break from the rainy season, and can finally join the rest of the world in enjoying ‘summer’. Your style guide for the season is bright happy colours, which means you need to stash all your black, grey, brown clothes at the back of your closet. Instead, here are the only colours (and patterns) you should rock this season.

  1. White
    Go all out with it, and wear all white like you an extra in an R. Kelly video.
  2. Florals
    Wearing florals for summer/spring isn’t revolutionary, but it never gets old. Do it right with flowy summer and cute skater dressses.
  3. Yellow
    Channeling Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ as a die-hard bee hive member isn’t the only excuse you have to wear yellow everywhere anymore.
  4. Pink
    The ultimate ‘girly girl’ colour is perfect for the season, do it right by not being too matchy matchy with it. A pink skirt paired with a white top, or a simple pink dress paired with absolutely no other pink accessories are perfect examples.
  5. Pastels
    The calm soft tone of pastel colours is the reason they are perfect for the season, not to mention everything looks prettier in pastel.
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