Here’s how 7 guys feel about how much women spend on wigs and weaves

Good things don’t come cheap. Well at least good wig and weaves don’t, and the amount of money some of us ladies shell out on them can seem ridiculous, especially to these seven men who had this to say after we explained that a lot of women spend an average of 30,000 to 100,ooo naira on really good wigs and a full head of weave, with some even exceeding that range.


Loool 100k? No be person rent be that? I heard a female friend talk about getting a wig for 50 the other day sha and I thought she was mad, it’s like she’s not alone o


Wo my girlfriend has tried to explain the thing to me before, it’s economical in the long run and ki ni kan ki ni kan, but just last week she was showing me one that went for 175k. Ki lo de? I fit you use that money start business now.


Irun? 100k for irun? Wawu. 30k sef is too much, what happened to the one you people used to buy inside packet, I’m pretty sure they are way cheaper and I swear it all looks the same to me.


Wait, you dey tell me say person fit drop over 100k for hair? Omo dey must bury you with that hair o.

(After explaining it lasts several years) 

Years? Wo is still too much jare, ahn ahn abeg all na vanity except you be Otedola o or Dangote.


This has been the trend for a while now, so it doesn’t shock me anymore. Wo my mama still they use Darling Yaki and nothing do am. Una no fit even afford am, you go now come dey bill person.

(After trying to explain why it’s worth it)

Ogbeni kuro jo, they just dey gba una


I think you can comfortably afford it, it’s not a big deal. I have sisters and they have explained to me several times why it’s so expensive and what makes it cost effective. The problem is with girls who clearly can’t afford and are ready to spend all they earn just because they want people to perceive them in a certain way.


Omo I’ve heard all sorts of prices nothing can move me anymore. I’m just wondering how these young girls seem to afford it, but are always broke at the same time.

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