Here’s how to snatch your edges back from the devil

Getting our edges snatched has to be the current leading cause of hypertension in black women. There is almost nothing we won’t do to stop them from thinning, except to stop braiding of course. For those of us still holding on to them, keep fighting the good fight the Lord is on your side. On the other hand for those who have already crossed that sad bridge, whose edges look a little like the one below, you should probably go through these tips on how to snatch them back.

  1. Cut back on braiding, if not you’ll be filling in your edges soon with shoe polish. From box braids, to Ghana weaving to faux locs, as protective as these styles may be for our natural hair, they are wreaking havoc on your edges and you know it.
    Say goodbye to your edges, with this hairstyle
    Say goodbye to your edges, with this hairstyle.
  2. Get a bottle of castor oil or coconut oil and massage it into the front of your hair regularly. No, people aren’t  just over hyping these natural oils, they actually work wonders on your hair.
  3. Getting a new hairstyle done every other week is not helping either. Your hair needs time to breathe and repair itself.
  4. Flee from any hairstyle that involves glues and adhesives, those hairstyles are from the devil himself, and if your hairdresser recommends it for you, it’s time you found yourself a new one.
  5. If you’ve already lost the battle with your edges and are struggling to grow them back, you should stay away from edge control. Here’s the thing, for edge control to work, it needs to be applied on actual edges, and not your imagination so let them grow back first before you start trying to show off your baby hair -which is so 2002 by the way-.


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