Here’s the key to wearing ballet flats

It’s hard to make ballet flats look dressy or fancy, and they always have a way of toning down your outfit by a notch or two, even when that’s the last thing you want. But we can’t always be in heels, and sandals are way too casual for certain occasions like work. So if you must wear ballet flats, here’s the key to always looking good in them.

  1. Buy pointy flats, like the ones below, that give you a toe cleavage. They have a way of always making your feet look sexy and can be worn on almost any outfit.
  2. Pick out nice fun colours, instead of the customary black, so it doesn’t look like you are wearing school shoes again.
  3. Don’t pair your flats, with wide legged pants or trousers. Stick to skinny, and slim fit trousers when you have to wear them.
  4. They always look good with flared skirts or dresses. It doesn’t matter what shape or colour your flats might come in, once paired with a flared skirt or dress, it always look good.
  5. If you are wearing flats, pay more attention to other accessories you might or might not be wearing. If you don’t usually wear other accessories like jewelry, or carry a nice bag you should when wearing your flats.
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