Here’s the truth about eyelash extensions

A lot of women avoid getting eyelash extensions -not just falsies,- because of popular misconceptions about getting them done. The eyelash extensions I’m referring to are not the ones you get done at Ikeja under bridge that leave your eyes bloodshot for weeks.

Well here’s the truth about eyelash extensions.

  1. If done properly, your eyelash extensions won’t take out half of your eyelashes when you are taking them out. It’s however natural for a couple to fall out, even when you still have the extensions in, but when have eyelashes never fallen out?
  2. Get your extensions done with someone who’s reputable. A botched job can cause all sorts of problems you can’t imagine, from a serious irritation to total loss of all your eyelashes, so you end up looking like this.
  3. The best kind of eyelash extensions you can get are mink eyelashes -yeah like Beyonce-, it’s expensive but totally worth the splurge if you can afford it.
  4. Application takes some time, it could range between two to three hours. So if you get yours done in like thirty minutes, you should definitely be worried about it.
  5. You will have to learn to be extra careful when doing anything with your eyes. From taking off your makeup at the end of the day, to those vigorous eye rubs you do when you get up in the morning, the more careful you are with your eyes, the longer your extensions last.
    Stop it
    Stop it
  6. They save you a lot of time, each time you are getting your makeup done. Imagine how many other things you could get done, with the amount of time it gets you to put your falsies on perfectly.
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