Here’s why minimalism is the perfect broke girl style

For most minimalists lovers, the allure of the trend is simple – clean, cut lines that exude sophistication. Minimalist looks are so relatively easy to pull off and works great with all sorts of personal styles. One of the most appealing things about minimalism in fashion, most people forget to mention is that it’s also the perfect broke girl style, and here’s why.

  1. The key to minimalism is simplicity, which means you are about to spend a whole lot less cash than usual on accessories.
  2. You can get away with owning just about three outfits in the name of minimalism. Most minimalists spot black and white clothes regularly, as the trend doesn’t allow for bright and loud colours. So nobody has to know you really only have one pair of black jeans, and two white tees, it might just be your personal style.
  3. You can go through entire fashion seasons with just the usual fashion staples, like a little black dress or a pair of tailored slacks. You don’t have to hop on every fashion trend in a season, since they don’t always fit into the minimalist guidelines.
  4. You can shop cheap and get away with it. No one has to know your plain white tee is from atmosphere and not from the new Yeezy collection.
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