Here’s why slip dresses are our new fashion fave

The versatility of a slip dress is often underestimated, paired with the right accessories, and it could be worn for a formal night out or a casual day out with friends. The slip dress trend isn’t new, then again nothing in fashion is really new, but it’s making a comeback from the 90s. Considering how subtly sexy and chic the dress is, it’s a wonder why it ever went out of trend in the first place.

A number of nineties trends have been making bold comebacks, and somehow we think this one’s here to stay. And yes guys we know they look nightgowns; the slip dress has been at the forefront of the underwear-as-outerwear trend but we can’t imagine wearing this to bed.

Is the perfect addition into any minimalist lover’s wardrobe. In fact, they fit perfectly into the wardrobes of almost all style types. Worn with the right jewelry and heels it’s classy, with a pair of sneakers it can be casual or sporty, or even go quirky and sleep it over another dress or a long sleeved shirt.

If you aren’t quite sold on channeling these 90s look, these photos will be sure to do the trick.



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