Here’s your handy Afropolitan Vibes fashion guide

If you live in Lagos and haven’t heard of Afropolitan Vibes, you’ve probably been living under a rock. If you’ve heard of it and haven’t been to one yet, then you might as well be living under the same rock.

Afropolitan Vibes is a monthly concert (third Friday of every month), held at Freedom Park in Lagos Island. Good people, great live music and plenty palm wine are just some of the reasons we love this event, and the sixth one of the year is coming up this Friday headlined by Sean Tizzle, Nikki Tall and St. Janet. Since we are giving you guys just a couple of days notice, to get your outfit sorted we’ve come up with a style guide to help you out.

  1. Do not wear white
    The venue is always packed, and you are going to be on your feet through out, probably dancing. So if you wear let’s say a white shirt to the concert, the odds are that you are not going to leave there in a white shirt.
  2. Do not wear heels
    We can’t believe we still have to say this, but here it is. Wear flat comfortable shoes, that’ll allow you move around with ease.
  3. Do not wear your favourite shoes
    Keep that nice yellow suede loafers you’ve been waiting to wear out, it’s going to get soiled and trodden on all through the night.
  4. Keep it casual   
    Wear light breezy clothes, like tanks or t-shirts and shorts and flowy skirts. As hot as your bandage dress might be, it wouldn’t allow you scatter leg when Sean Tizzle’s Take it comes on. And you know you want it.
  5. Ladies, swap your totes and handbags for a cross-body bag, or no bag at all. Switching your handbag from one arm to another, when people keep bumping into you, will quickly become tiring.
  6. Use minimal makeup if you are going there to get the full experience because halfway through the night, you’ll be sweating all of your full face of makeup off.

Crowd photo credit: Deji Akinyele

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