Home Decorating With A Natural, Tropical Influence

This is more than setting a large bowl of fruit dummies on the center of your coffee table.

Not like anything is wrong with that by itself but there are so much many more options to choose from. Cue tropical leaves in vases, woven pendant lights, palm leaf ceiling fans, painted bamboo dining chairs and if you’re feeling rather adventurous, bamboo blinds (because: what is more natural? Regular blinds do not stand a chance) and palm leaf wallpaper.

Wallpapers are always a great way to spice things up. Think large-leaf plants, over sized banana fruits, fronds or shiny greenery.

Pay attention to color, cause color is everything when it comes to the tropics.

  • Sand, beige, light brown – the ultimate color of the coast
  • Yellow – brings in the brightness of the sun, and tropics are not imaginable without it;
  • Green – reminds of nature, plants and freshness;
  • Red and Terracotta – dry, burnt soil;
  • Baby Blue-opens your space and resembles the sky;
  • Brown-symbolizes wood;
  • Darker Blue shades– the only ones comparable to the ocean.


airy-tropical-bedroom  interior-design-entryway.png  tropical-bedroom-wallpaper  tropical-foyer   tropical-living-and-dining-room  upscale-tropical-living-room

Tropical-Home-Decorating-And-Interior-Design-Ideas-6  Tropical-Home-Decorating-And-Interior-Design-Ideas-7

If you would rather play safe instead of go all out into making your home a tropical haven, you are welcome to accessorize.

  • Animal pictures – beautiful and wild-choose among monkeys, butterflies, parrots, elephants, or even lions;
  • Overwhelming greenery-lots of plants and flowers;
  • Batik;
  • Carved wood in an ethno/traditional manner;
  • Real-time animal ornaments;
  • Animal prints on the fabrics – especially on throws, pillows or bedding;
  • Bowls containing piles of tropical fruits;
  • Few interesting sea shells.
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