House Of Deola reinvents with Komole Kandids

When Deola Ade Ojo (formerly known to all of us as Deola Sagoe) started rebranding her 25 year old fashion house after her divorce from her Ghanaian ex-husband Kofi Sagoe in 2015, we didn’t realise the extent to which she was ready to take this change. Deola Sagoe, changed to ‘Deola’ and now ‘House Of Deola’, as befitting a label that has grown to include a denim line (Deo Jeans) and a premium ready to wear line (CLAN DIARIES).

Ade-Ojo is consolidating this shift with the launch of its festive line – Komole Kandids Series 1.

The Komole Kandids Series 1, in the Komole range for the House of Deola, presents an assemblage of designs for bridal wear drawing upon the mood and romance evoked by royalty and royal weddings through the ages.

“I imagine a Komole bride. She is independent and in charge, but still demure and gentle like the current Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton,” she said. “She honors everyone that looks at her with her way and that wow Komole creation! She is the new light in all their lives!”

Over 12 years of research and development are ingrained into the Komole range (the original collection was launched in 2012), the result of which is a profoundly refreshing take on Aso-Oke and the look of the modern bride.

“There is no need anymore to have aso oke and a lace outfit as two answers to an occasion’s fashion demands,” she said. “We have combined both into one and by so doing transcended, making the new creation even better than the sum of its parts. The new fabric motifs and the fashions that we have formed them into elevate the wearer to princess level, while still keeping her culturally grounded – I believe that this is what true class and elegance is about, shining in the form of a glow rather than a tinselly shine”

Here’s the first series, with 10 designs:

Komole-Kandids-Series-1_House-of-Deola 1


Liya – Ivory boned corset with diaphanous divides and Ivory “winged” skirt. Corset and skirt panelled with Komole Kandids Forest motif.

Komole-Kandids-Series-1 (2)

Komole-Kandids-Series-1 (3)

Imani – One shoulder celadon floor length dress with attached ruched ‘ipele’.
Dress patterned with Komole Kandids Forest motif.

Komole-Kandids-Series-1_House-of-Deola (2)

Komole-Kandids-Series-1 (4)

Adeola – Ivory and Brass gilded Iro and Buba.
Iro and Buba patterned with Komole Kandids Forest on Classic motif.
Gele edged with Komole Kandids Forest motif.
Iro and Buba is finished with signature Deola “cadeaux bow-back”.

Komole-Kandids-Series (2)

Komole-Kandids-Series (3)


Salma – Emerald floor length dress with attached peplum belt frill.
Dress and belt frill patterned with Komole Kandids Forest motif.


Komole-Kandids-Series- (2)


Alexandra – Plum ribbed corset with fringe fascia and floor length skirt.
Fringe fascia is patterned with Komole Kandids Azalea motif.



Maxima & Ines – Azure cropped ‘Kimo-Buba’ and Azure pencil skirt.
Skirt is patterned with Komole Kandids Clover motif.



Eleanor – Coral A-line dress with soft shoulder straps.
Dress is patterned with Komole Kandids Daisy motif.

Komole-Kandids-Series- (3)


Elizabeth – Cherry blossom pink floor length dress with fringe fascia cape.
Fringe fascia cape is patterned with Komole Kandids Azalea motif, and skirt is panelled with Komole Kandids Azalea motif.



Mena – Apricot and platinum “Double wrapper” style ensemble.
Patterned with Komole Kandids Nectar motif.
Double Wrapper is finished with signature Deola “cadeaux bow-back”.


Komole-Kandids-Series-1 (5)

Anastasia – Ultramarine blouson and floor length ‘Roses’ skirt.
Blouson is patterned with Komole Kandids Azalea motif.

Ade Ojo has been criticized a lot for her price points, accessible only to the most exclusive of Nigeria’s fashion elite. With Komole Kandids, she seems to be doubling down, offering even more exclusivity, which in the end we can’t fault. In this landscape of mediocrity, we need labels that are fully invested in luxury, even if it somewhat alienates them from the bulk of Nigeria’s buying audience.

Fabrics and Designs: House of Deola
Photography: Kelechi Amadi Obi
Models: Few Models | Beth Model Management
Hair: Ugo of Make Me
Makeup: Bimpe Onakoya
Shoes: Polo Avenue
Creative Direction & Styling: Teni Sagoe
Jewelry: Aanushkil Jewellery
Bags: Vintage bags from the late Elizabeth Wuraola Ojo’s closet

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