How much time do you spend getting dressed?

Getting ready for my classes today, I began wondering if I am the only one who goes through my usual haphazard way of dressing up. So I decided to just ask you guys, I’ll share mine first of course. My typical day starts at 5(sort of) whether I’m going to work, or school or just sleeping in. Here’s exactly how today’s went (P.S I had a class at 8).

5:00 am
Alarm goes off, fumble around for phone and hit snooze.

5:05 am
Actually lift self off bed, then hit snooze again.

It's literally impossible
It’s literally impossible.

5:10 am
Get up and about… hit snooze again.

5:15 am
Ok so I’m finally up, because the thought of going for my morning run with several other humans just crossed my mind (am I the only one who hates this?). I say my morning prayers before heading out because being constantly woken up for morning devotion for years just kind of sticks.
tumblr_m3f3h5FO3F1ro8qpo (1)

6:00 am
Get back from my run and collapse dramatically on my bed, like I didn’t just walk for most of the run.

6:15 am (ok fine 6:30)
Get up to take a shower. Use 5 minutes to decide what playlist suits my mood that morning.


Well my phone is
Well my phone is.

7:10 am
Get out of shower, which should have taken half the time I spent, except I was performing Phyno’s Connect with him on my personal stage.

7:35 am
Finally find something to wear after twenty five minutes of searching hysterically. Even though I ended up wearing the first thing I picked around 7:15.



7:50 am
Actually put on clothes I picked out, even though I hate them already. Spent the fifteen minutes between when I decided and when I dressed up going through my Instagram and Twitter.

8:05 am
Correct my winged tip for the twentieth time because apparently there is no class more important than a perfect winged tip.

8:20 am
I finally realize I’m a little late at this point and start freaking out, but of course I put the finishing touches on my makeup, put on my shoes and get out the door.


Doesn't change anything, but I do anyway
Doesn’t change anything, but I do anyway.

8:27 am
Back in my room, decided I didn’t like my shoes so I picked another pair that honestly looked pretty much like the first. Took one last look at the mirror then decided I didn’t feel like red lipstick, so I spend 5 minutes digging in my makeup purse for the nude one. I don’t find it so decide the red isn’t so bad after all.


I was doing the Lord's work anyway
I was doing the Lord’s work anyway

8:42 am
Out of my room, and actually headed for class.

So that’s mine, and today was a pretty good day. How does yours go?

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