How Model Adwoa Aboah Holidays “Drama -Free” With The Girls

Award winning model Adwoa Aboah shares how to have a stress free holiday with the girls.

by Rae Ogbu

In case you don’t know who Adwoa Aboah is, she is one of the key face of the modelling industry today.  Her “Gurls Talk” project chat where she honestly opened up to young women about her struggle with addiction and depression made her a really powerful influencer gaining her loads of magazine covers. She also appeared on the cover of Edward Enninful ‘s first issue as editor-in-chief of British Vogue for the December 2017 also winning model of the year award same year.

Having travelled the world for work and pleasure, Aboah is definitely an expert on making the best of a girl group holiday. If you’ve ever been on one, you would agree that group holidays are innately stressful in themselves. From agreeing on an itinerary to splitting the bill at dinner- who ordered lobster?

Adwoa Aboah says for holiday bliss make sure you arrange a spectacular activity. “Last summer, Cara Delevinge took me and 18 girls to Mexico for her birthday. We skydived, swam with sharks and quad-biked through the jungle.”

Take Time Out. “I’ve made the mistake of going away with people I don’t know so well. It’s one thing feeling close with someone and another going on holiday and them turning out to be a psychopath. If there are a lot of you, it is important that everyone feels they can take time out. Chances are, someone’s going to be exhausted, someone else is going to be going through something personal. Sometimes the ultimate luxury is just ignoring the weather and deciding to stay in bed and watch Greys Anatomy. It’s good to know you can you can separate from the group of you need to.”

Have your girls back and take great photos of them. “I’m an amazing photographer when it comes to a bikini shot. If you want a sexy photo to Instagram, I’m your girl. You know how people will snap one really quickly and tell you they’re done, even though you look butters? I really put in the effort. I light, I edit, I art-direct, I take people to different locations to get it right. People appreciate it. You have to have your girls back.”

Organise a reunion. “You don’t have to go away to spend time with your girls; sometimes a staycation is just as good.”

Adwoa Aboah
Adwoa Aboah

Adwoa Aboah wrote about how she holidays happy on a girl’s trip in the July 2018 edition of Vogue.

Last month, Adwoa Aboah shot a series with Burberry featuring her cousin @kensemah her Grandma, her auntie Mary, auntie Tina and @sonny_hall in Ghana. “Going home, back to the motherland. A place where I felt like an outsider but always wanted to belong. Growing up differently, never knowing the mother tongue. Patronized by the world, one-sided images of famine and underdevelopment. Culturally appropriated, continuously stolen with no respect or return.
The world knowing nothing about the magic that Ghana is, the beauty and chaos.
Where my father was born, the other half of my British blood, Accra. Home away from home with the church and the swing and grandma and grandad, aunties, Kente cloth, fufu and buckets for washing. Memories, so many memories of 6-hour journeys to visit my other half.
The last chapter and I want the world to know that there are two families, both that mean the world to me, two sides to my story. I want the world to see the beauty and Ghana to have that moment in the light, one that it has always deserved.
I have been claimed by Ghana, told to go and show the world, make them proud. I belong.
So that’s what this is, a message of love and pride to my family and the people of Ghana.”

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