6 tips to help you deal with pad rash

If you are not a fan of tampons, the only thing worse than periods has to be the rash that comes with wearing sanitary pads for days. I mean we already have cramps and blood dripping out of our vaginas to deal with, the least the production companies can do is to ensure that the pads are comfortable. Ok to be fair there is really nothing they can do about it, but because there is a God up there, these tips help me get more comfortable, and they should work for you too.

  1. I carry a pack of baby wipes everywhere, to wipe down the sweat and blood, whenever I go to the toilet. Even when I go to check if I need to change pads, and find that I don’t need to.
    Johnsons wipes
  2. I change pads about twenty times a day, and that is almost not an exaggeration. All the “12 hours, no stain” ads don’t move me. I end up spending more money on sanitary pads monthly, but shouldn’t money be used to buy comfort?
  3. I switched sanitary pads. I got the worst rash once, when I began using packs of sanitary pads I was handed by promoters in a mall. I didn’t even realize they were the cause of my rash until I switched them.
  4. Apply an antiseptic ointment at the end of your period, to help the rash heal faster. This will heal the rash, and prevent chaffing.
  5. I avoid jeans like a plague. I stick to pants, skirts, culottes and anything that will ensure that there is proper airflow down there.
    Yes please
    Yes please.
  6. Just switch to tampons. I know it feels uncomfortable, but trust me you’ll get used to it eventually. And in the long run, they are actually more comfortable than pads.
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