7 style tips to help you rock the white trad

The white trad look has taken over Lagos these past couple of years and has quickly become the uniform for all the baby boys.

And girls too
And girls too.

And has effortless as it might seem, to pull the whole look together, a surprising amount of effort is put into it. If you’ve been slacking and still not hopped on the trend, here are some tips to get you started.

  1. Get yourself a bomb ass tailor. This is the major key to pulling the look off. Once your trad is not well made, nothing can make up for it. Not even your good looks and Gucci loafers. The only thing we’ll be seeing is your lopsided hemlines.
  2. Buy good fabric. Now this is even more important than getting a good tailor, because no matter how skilled your tailor is, if the fabric you get is only suitable for making bed sheets, your trad can’t turn out right.tumblr_ns17giuxM11qc54kfo1_540
  3. Don’t try to launder them on your own. Drop off you trad at a good laundry, where they’ll overdose it on starch. So that the next time you are wearing it, it looks as good as new.
  4.  Stay off odd colours. We understand that you are fashion forward and like to make a statement, but some colours just don’t work for the look. You want to slay, not look like you are headed to a costume party.
  5. Accessorize. Whether it’s with a bad bitch draped on your right arm, or with the right shoes or (minimal!) jewelry. Accessorizing  gives your look a little extra oomph.
  6. Make sure you are well groomed. Whether your are team beard gang or not, make sure you always look well groomed. Keep the beard tamed, your shoes polished and your hair in a nice cut.

That’s about it, go out and flourish.

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