Ladies, how to get dressed faster than him in 5 simple steps

Ladies, get in here.

Did you notice how whenever you are going out with a guy and you tell him you are going to be ready in 5 minutes, he kicks of his shoes, turns on the TV and gets real comfortable? Or the guys that wait an hour before turning up, because they just know (and you know too) that your five minutes can only mean one full hour at least.

Here are some helpful tips to help you get dressed faster than him.

  1. Pick out your outfits the day before. If he springs the outing on you that same day, he is not serious and deserves to wait that “5 minutes” in silence. But if you’ve known about it prior,  don’t wait last minute to go through the “I have no clothes and I hate everything I own” feelings.
  2. Make out extra time to get ready. If you think you are going to be done in two hours, then you probably need four. So if you are out or doing some other thing, know when to cut it short.
  3. Think about what makeup look you want for the day while you are taking your bath. There is no need to try it out the day before except it’s for your wedding day or you have a date with Brad Pitt. You already know how you look with that particular shade of red lipstick, or how you look with the pink one so don’t start retrying them all a couple of hours before you need to go out. You can flip through the million and one selfies on your phone to remind you how a particular makeup looks on you.
  4. Start a day before him. Seriously though, don’t wake up and start looking for how to curl your weave, put them in rollers the day before. Do all your grooming the day before too – shaving your legs, waxing your lady parts and all that. We all know how long they take.
    Ask yourself if he is worth it first
    Ask yourself if he is worth it first.


  5. Just be late. Sometimes these things are really just beyond our control. We go through all the first four steps and somehow he arrives and you are still baking your face. So even if he ends up whining about you always wasting his time, always remember it’s better to be late than ugly.
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