How to get hair highlights without looking like a 2002 throwback

Playing with colour in your hair is always fun, and whenever you don’t feel like changing the colour completely, you could always opt for highlights. The problem with highlights, whether in your own hair or weave is that you are at risk of looking like a walking throwback if you don’t get it right.

If you’ve been thinking of getting highlights, read this first.

  1. Don’t do it yourself. Get help from an expert who actually knows what highlights are, and has some experience with dyeing hair. The woman who braids for you at the end of your street whose salon is also a boutique and mini mart doesn’t count.
  2. Seriously don’t do it yourself, yes I had to say this twice. Asking your sister or best friend who has the same amount of knowledge as you do on hair dyeing to do it is also just as bad as doing it yourself. Watching a hundred and one YouTube videos doesn’t make you an expert either.
  3. If you absolutely want to be a cheap ass  have to do it yourself, you should deep condition your hair a day before to make the colour go on easily. Don’t shampoo it though, this strips your hair of protective oils completely which makes it easy to get damaged.
  4. Read the directions on the box. I know it seems like those are just put there to fill up spaces on the box, but they actually contain pretty useful tips about the particular product you are using.
  5. If you’ve never gotten highlights before, start small don’t go crazy with it, in case you end up hating the colour or the combination with your hair. Divide your hair into sections and go from there.
  6. Don’t put in the dye and then start binge watching a TV show, so you don’t end up over processing your hair. Keep a close eye on it and wash off the dye, when you are satisfied with the colour change.
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