How to make your beauty products last twice as long

In these trying economic times, buying your regular fix of beauty products just became twice as hard. While it’s hard for us here to give advice about doing without your regular makeup products, we have a couple of tips that will make them last twice as long.

  1. Put saline solution in your mascara to get a couple more uses out of it, when you think you are done with it. There is always a ton of product left in tube all dried up because of the air you pump into it each time you use it.  Always put a thumb over the open mascara whenever you are using it to prevent air from getting into it.
  2. Scrape out lipstick at the bottom of the tube into an old eye-shadow palette to get maximum use out of it. You could also invest in lip brushes to get to make sure you use all the lipstick in the tube up before buying another one.
  3. Pop off the plastic stopper in your lip gloss, which controls the amount you take out in order to let the wand get the most out of it.
  4. Wash your makeup brushes once a week, to increase their life span. If the bristles of one of your brushes start to fall out, use pliers to tighten up the metal part holding them all together.
  5. Pour out perfume from sample bottles into a bottle of cheap unscented moisturizer to get your own DIY scented lotion, which also helps control the amount of perfume you use each time you put it on.
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