How to put on no makeup in 6 simple steps

The no makeup makeup look is a favourite for most ladies, because it is a look we can pull off every single day without getting comments like “you should wear less makeup” or I am sure you’ll look prettier with no makeup”. The best part about the no makeup look is that it can take anytime between 0 (which is the actual time you spend when you don’t use makeup) to 20 minutes.

Mastering the makeup look is an art even the most inept person could pull of easily. These steps should get you started.

  1. Go through your usual morning routine of washing, toning and exfoliating. Most importantly, moisturise (make sure your moisturiser has SPF). For some people, this tutorial ends here and they are good to go. For the rest of us you can proceed to step 2.
  2. Skip your foundation and go for a tinted moisturiser after putting on your regular one. If your tinted moisturiser has SPF, there is no need to put on two layers. If you have obvious dark spots or eye bags, use a concealer to cover them up first. Don’t put on too much, because strobing and highlighting are not in your plans for this look.
  3. Put on some powder to seal of the flawless look, you don’t want your face to be shiny enough for people to be able to see their reflections in.
  4. Use an eyelash curler to open your eyes (yes I know they are scary) instead of mascara, then use your brow brush to put on a little brow powder to fill in your brows if they are a little too sparse. Skip the eyeliner as there is no natural looking way to put on eyeliner.
  5. For your lips, use a nude lipstick that’s closest to your complexion shade. You can opt for tinted lip balm or a clear lip gloss also.
  6. You are good to go, and if you get the “you look so good without makeup” comments just tell them it’s God.
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