5 sexy ways to style your dungarees

Dungarees have been around forever, going in and out of style every fashion season. They are back in style for now at least, and if you have one or two old pairs stashed at the back of your wardrobe, from the last time they were in trend, here’s how to style them in 2016.

  1. Remember your dungarees don’t necessarily have to be baggy and unflattering making them difficult to style. If you always loved the trend, replace your old baggy pairs with a well structured one that will go with anything you pair it with.
  2. Pair baggy dungarees with a cropped top, to give you a casual and laid back look that is also flattering. The combination of your bare midriff with bagginess of your dungarees compliment each other in a way that is both casual and sexy.
  3. You don’t have to get a pair in denim, get a pair in a floral pattern for a fun flirty look, or even one in leather for an edgier look.
  4. Get short ones for a more casual and fun look, showing off your legs also takes away from the usual dowdy look that comes with the trend when not properly styled.
  5. If you are daring enough, rock your dungarees alone for an uber sexy look.
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