5 fun ways to wear coloured eyeliner and not look like a teenager

Wearing coloured eyeliner can be tricky. Apart from white, most people tend to avoid eyeliner colours that aren’t black. The most popular reason people avoid coloured eyeliner is because they feel a little silly in it, like a teenager just discovering makeup. If done right, coloured eyeliner can be very flattering and is perfect for a night out with the girls, or even a dinner date.

Here’s how to rock the trend in a way your thirteen year old self would never think of.

  1. Going for coloured eyeliner doesn’t mean you have to pick out the brightest colours you lay your hands on. If you love your black eyeliner and dark coloured makeup, go for a dark coloured liner that isn’t black. If you already have a bright colour you love, but find a little too bright, line your eyes with black eyeliner before putting the coloured over it.
  2. Tone down the rest of your makeup. There shouldn’t be more than one (or two) foci of attention on your face. So if your eyeliner is brightly coloured, your lipstick doesn’t have to be and your eye shadow shouldn’t clash with the colour of the eyeliner.
  3. Always use colours that are flattering on your skin tone and outfit. Avoid colours that will end up giving you a more garish than fun look.
  4. Coloured eyeliner is best worn at night, for maybe a party or a date. So you probably shouldn’t stock up on coloured eyeliners for work.
  5. Have fun with it! Don’t just use it on your waterline, as most people do with coloured eyeliners. Use it to draw on your favourite cat eye too.
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