4 ways to wear shorts right

No matter how old you are, unless your parents are part of that rare breed of liberal Nigerians, you will forever get the “where are you going to like that?” or “whose house are you leaving dressed like that?”, when you wear certain clothes. Asides our parents, just imagine walking through Yaba market in a pair of short shorts, Yaba boys will probably collect them from you before you leave the market. Considering how hot our weather gets, we should all be allowed to strut around in bathing suits. But since our parents are worried about what people will say if they see their beloved children on the streets so scandalously dressed, here are shorts you can wear to appease your parents and save you from that oncoming heatstroke.

  1. Culottes
    These are my personal favourite on this list, so I’m starting with them. They are basically very lose cropped trousers, cut with very full legs, so that it almost looks like a skirt. They can be tricky to style, but Edwin gave us a few solid pointers here, that also apply to women.
  2. Bermuda shorts
    These are perfect for our weather (and folks). They are not too short or too long, and come in so many fun cuts and patterns. They are also very easy to style, you’ll have to put in extra effort to get it wrong with them.
  3. Long shorts
    These are for the more conservative people who really cannot bear to show their legs (but can’t bear the heat either). They fall just below your knees and are honestly not the most flattering of clothes but at least they are comfortable.
  4. Convertibles
    Yes these are really a thing, and we are not sure why but hey it’s the best of both worlds right? They are the ultimate dork uniform, but rather ingenious if you think about it. They are basically trousers with sort of false bottoms that you can unfasten turning the trousers to a pair of shorts. Please note that you can only wear these to the market or to make your hair in either form. image_38346
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