She is my human diary! Efe and Fola’s unique pre-wedding photos

Their love story as told the groom,

I met Efe through a friend. We spoke on the phone casually once or twice in 2014 before we met in January 2015. I constantly marvelled at her Instagram page pictures. Her insane workout routines – almost like someone training for a fighting match. Added to this, her cooking skills and food pictures always made me so hungry. After I met her, I already knew more about her than she thought I did including the fact that she was going to be my wife.

We became close friends and she constantly blew me away with her future plans and projections. For someone I am 7 years older than, she had her life way more figured out and organised than me. 

I asked her out several times but she kept saying she wasn’t ready, so i decided to start calling her my girl friend whether she liked it or not.
Efe is my best friend, my human dairy and my better half. My little spit fire
and prayer warrior. Incredibly sexy,chef extraordinaire, beautiful, confident, smart, determined, unbelievably loving and tender.
The day i asked her to marry me was one of the best days of my life.

Ololufe mi, This is my promise to you:This Journey would not always be rosy but i promise we would get through whatever life throws our way. I promise to always uphold the God structure and Foundation in our home. I promise to always be the Priest, Provider and Protector. I promise to be humble and take to correction when i stray or get carried away. I promise not to get too fat or too annoying. Our love will be tested but i promise to always remember our friendship and Vows. I promise to magnify your strengths and play down on your weaknesses. I pray that our marriage will be an example and hope for many. I love you baby”

Photography @dikophotography

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