Short horror story: ”I bought a ton of this lip stain and it was a pretty bad idea”

I stopped this girl on the street the other day, she had on lipstick in this amazing purple shade so I ask about it she tells me it’s actually a lip stain called Beyond Beauty, but she could not remember where she bought it from.

A couple of days later, I stumbled upon the lip stain on my usual commute to work and I was beyond excited to find that there were even a ton of other colour options to pick from. I had already selected two before asking the seller for the price, and she goes “250 last price.” I couldn’t believe how cheap it was but still priced it down to 200 sha. I was a little sceptical at first but I am a firm believer in cheap doesn’t always mean it’s not standard school of thought. So I picked out about 7 of them and paid.


I had barely dropped my bag before trying one of them out, once I got home. I had no problem putting it on, until I made a mistake and tried to clean it up. I dampened a little corner of a tissue and tried to wipe it off, and nothing happened. It was the first time I was using a lip stain so I assumed it was normal. Switched over to some Vaseline, still nothing and that’s when I realized there was wahala.

I took one of those makeup removal wipes and it started coming off, but at the same time making such a mess. At this point my lip to chin was covered in some sort of red mess. See ehn there is nothing I didn’t try. I finally jumped in the shower and used my sponge on my poor lips. Most of it had come off by the time my shower was done, but my lips  looked like I had gone to Ikeja under bridge to do “pink lips”.

So two words for Beyond Beauty lip stain, Never! Again!

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