I got a butt lift for 3,000 Naira. You should too

I have the butt of a teenage boy, and it annoys the hell out of me. Don’t get me wrong I love my body, love handles bow legs and all. But the problem with my butt is that it doesn’t let me wear the clothes I love. You know those clothes that only truly look good when the back side is nicely filled?

I usually go ahead and wear them anyway but only once a while. We all want our bodies to bang at any given time. I tried to workout, do my squats and lunges but I didn’t get pass the first week, nothing or nobody is worth that kind of pain.

Anyway so I got this white bodycon that I knew from the beginning was meant for people with bodies like Kim Kardashian and promptly didn’t have the courage to wear them any where, until I stumbled on this.

Butt-Lifter-With-Tummy-Shaper-2978041_7 (1)

So this is a butt lifter with a tummy shaper sef, and I got it for just 3,000 here.

Now let me explain why these are so great, they lift your butt up so it looks all rounded and nice looking, and apparently if you wear it long enough, they help in permanently shaping your butt.

So ladies if you must, don’t get those butt pads (they have such an unnatural look), get these instead. I think 3,000 is a pretty good deal for a butt lift anyway.

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