I spy with my little eye: The 5k shop is a winner

If I didn’t already have one too many names, I think I’ll probably add bargain hunter legally to my name. And so living up to my pseudo name, I have come up with another great store where you can find the best bargains.

The 5k store, is an online budget store where everything is magically 5 thousand naira or less. I know what you are thinking “in this Lagos?” I didn’t believe it the first time I heard about it either, and that has been a while ago (please forgive me). Miraculously, they have managed to live up to the name so far. I fully expected them to become a “5k shop” selling stuff for like twenty thousand naira by now, but I’ve been pleasantly disappointed.

The 5k shop sells a host of fashion items, from clothes to accessories and they are pretty quality stuff too for those who are thinking, they are probably just selling China. It’s an online store alone with no physical store and although I wish their website was more organized, their customer service is really good. They offer nationwide delivery services, although I haven’t actually tried ordering anything outside Lagos. I have ordered stuff two or three times, and actually received exactly what I saw on their website in a couple of days, unlike other online stores that shall not be named. (Ju *cough*).

So for from us here at TOS, the 5k Shop gets three and a half stars, and the only reason we didn’t make it four is because their website is crap. Although you do have the option of calling to make your order, even though we can think of a thousand and one ways that could end in a disaster, you could try it out if shopping on their site will be too much of a hassle for you.

These are the items on the top of our wish list from the 5k shop.






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