A tale of random encounters and lots of similarities | Read Ifeoma & Bill’s love story

Ifeoma (Ify) and Bill met as students of University of Texas at Austin. It certainly wasn’t a case of love at first and even though they had many random encounters and lots of similarities, ‘cupid’ simply wasn’t ready to strike.

“During my college career, my relationship with Ify was hard to define. I thought she was beautiful, an angel, but I didn’t see myself with her. I thought she was too good for me. It’s hard to explain this feeling, but fellas….you know what I’m talking about.” – Bill

“I met Bill at a community service event in college. We both signed up to tutor high school students in math. I remember thinking he was smart and that he had an infectious smile. He was also really patient with the kids but . . . No sparks. Actually, I’m not even sure we said anything more than “hello” to each other. ” – Ify

The beginnings of their relationship started after Bill had graduated, Ify went to visit her friend Temi who happened to be engaged to Bill’s roomate.

“My college roommate, Temi, was visiting from out of town and I decided to drop by and say hello. Bill and Quan (Temi’s now fiancé) were still roommates at the time so the four of us spent the afternoon together. When Bill walked me out that evening, I called him a ‘bad friend’ (I don’t remember why). I guess he took that to heart; he called a few days later and we started talking more and spending more time together. ” – Ify

“I’d just moved into an apartment with one of my best friends and Best Man, San’Quan Prioleau. His girlfriend at the time (now fiancée), Temi, was visiting San’Quan to celebrate Independence Day. Ify came over to visit Temi, her longtime friend. When the fireworks celebration began, Quan, Temi, and Ify went outside and I declined the invitation and instead chose to work on my day off…smh.

I can’t remember the exact words, but Ify and I spoke the next day. I came out of our conversation thinking…’man, how could I be so dumb…?” I was pretty good at math, but I clearly missed the concept of double dating (or 2+2 = 1 couple and 1 1potential’ couple).” – Bill

Once the penny dropped for Bill, he wasted no time

“I asked for a second chance, and was given an opportunity to take Ify on an old fashioned dinner and movie date; it was amazing and quite different. On our date, I felt a spark in my heart and I really didn’t know what to think. There were a lot of emotions and thoughts running through my mind. For one, I didn’t see myself getting married until I was close to 30 (at the time I was 22 years old), but I couldn’t see any relationship I started with Ify coming to an end.

After a few days of praying and wrestling with my thoughts, I quickly realized that Ify was a gift from God; God doesn’t time his blessings or gifts. Once I realized this, I quickly snagged her off the “market” and we started to grow together in genuine love.”

Congratulations Ify & Bill,  we wish you both a lifetime of love, blessings and laughter.


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