I’ll always love you! Gold & Johnson renewed their marital vows in a spectacular way

Gold and Johnson met through one of their closest friends in Senegal.

Ever since Johnson saw Gold’s photo on his friend’s wedding album, he wanted to know more about hr. his friend played along perfectly well and introduced both of them to each other on a perfect sunny day.

It was an instant connection between Gold and Johnson and they discovered that they had many things to talk about because of their great personalities.

They got married in February 2010 and renewed their marital vows in 2016, in one of the most beautiful ways ever.

The couple is blessed with two lovely children, and they were a great part of the amazing occasion.

We absolutely love their placards, one of it reads “My Dad is getting married again!”

Scroll down to see all their amazing renewal photos captured by Mofe Bamuyiwa and read their love story.

We (Johnson and Gold) met on the 24th of Aug 2008 in Dakar, Senegal. I was on my way home from a course mate’s wedding when I sighted a friend’s car at a popular joint. So I called him and told him to make sure he returns to his wife and not to stay out alone for too long. Immediately he pleaded that I highlight from the taxi as he’s been wanting to see me and I obliged.

On my way to our house, he explained in the car that he has a friend (Johnson) who’s been on his neck for my contact details. Apparently he had visited his home 3months ago and saw my picture in their wedding album. Since that moment, he’d been disturbing Niyi to meet me. Immediately I asked a few questions.

Is he a Nigerian, Yes. Yoruba, Yes. Christian, Yes, Singles, Yes. What does he do for a living, Legit biz. I immediately asked that we go to pay him a visit there and then. Please note it was around 10pm (Franco-phones wedding reception was to hold later that evening). I asked to pick up a friend on the way so Niyi doesn’t get bored when we get talking and that is how I didn’t even go home to change, he called his friends to confirm he was at home and we headed down to his house.

We met that night and connected with ease. We talked till 4am and along the line, Astou and Niyi left for their homes. I just felt some inner peace and that gave me the courage to sleep over (nothing inappropriate took place that night). The rest happened so fast. My mom visited Dakai in October 2008 for my graduation and they both connected instantly as well and they were always gisting about Nigeria and politics.

He gave me a promise ring 3months into the relationship (10th December 2008) while I was getting prepared en route to Lagos to see my severely ill mom. She later passed away on 6th January 2009. As I returned to Dakar, I found comfort in him and by 16th January 2010, we were back in Lagos together for our introduction/engagement.

On 4th February 2010, we got married legally at the Ikeja registry with the hope to return one year later for the white wedding. We had our first boy (Yosola) in Dakar on the 5th Oct 2010 and second boy (Yomade) in Chicago on 30th Sept 2012. So when hubby asked that we renew our marital vows on 3rd Jan 2016 in a church ceremony followed by a reception (Just 1 week before we relocate), I was more than happy and then we renewed our marital vows in the presence of our family members and closes friends.

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