You should cheat on your hairdresser once you notice these 5 signs

Just like boys remain ever so faithful to their barbers, a lot of us girls also tend to stick to one hairdresser, or a set of hairdressers actually – there is the braids woman, then the one who does your short hair, and the one for fixing your closure and… well you get the point. But once in a while, your hairdresser sinks too deep into that comfortable position of “customer” and that’s when she starts acting up. Once this happens you know you have to start cheating on your hairdresser.

Here are all the signs that your hairdresser has gotten way too comfortable with you.

  1. She attends to three other customers while making your hair, because you are “customer” and she knows you’ll stick around.
  2. She keeps shifting your appointment for other customers, because she knows you are stuck on her and you aren’t going anywhere else.
  3. Customer service has become non-existent. You are now friends and you can’t complain the few time she fucks up your hair.
  4. She puts up an attitude if you make the mistake of coming to the salon for her to loosen a hairstyle someone else made, even if it’s one she knows she’s not good at.
    You'll just be there like
    You’ll just be there like
  5. Your tips have become a compulsory addition to whatever you are paying. And if you dare not tip, she gives you this look.

If all this feels way too familiar for you, then it’s time to give that relationship a break and give each other some space.

The both of you need some time to redefine your roles in the relationship, meanwhile you should probably start seeing other people.


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