In defence of the pixie cut

A surprising number of men -and it’s only surprising to we ladies- absolutely hate the pixie cut. I have had a friend tell me I looked like the lesbian captain of a football team when I got a pixie cut done, and another tell me I looked like Peter Pan. Even though I still can’t quite understand why men hate it so much -I should get one of them to do a write up- I can however explain why ladies love it, apart from the fact that many of us are members of the Rihanna navy.

Convenience is definitely at the top of the list, you men have no idea what it’s like to roll out of bed without having to fuss over our hair for no longer than two minutes. Oh wait, you do because as a guy except you are stuck in 2001 and still keep a ridiculously large afro, that’s the same amount of time you spend fussing over yours.

We also think it’s pretty cute, I mean look at this picture and tell me how this look isn’t just adorable. And while some men might view it as “unfeminine” we think it’s pretty sexy.

If we haven’t been able to convince you guys about how awesome the pixie cut, then you’ll just have to find a way to  embrace it, because this trend is never going away.

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